A Short presentation.

MCHK/SYD was originally founded in 1969 as a local section of Motorcykelhistoriska Klubben,


"Syd" stands for south and means that the club is primarily active in the very south of Sweden.

The purpose of the club is to maintain, keep, restore, and if possible ride or show old, unique motorcycles, scooters and mopeds. To document and preserve the history of the cultural history of motorcycle, with its social, economical and technical impact onthe society, and to trade the knowledge to coming generations.

Anyone that show a sincere interest to the board for the above purposes or a general interest in can apply for membership of the club. It is not necessary to be an owner of a motorcycle.

As a member you will benefit from about 10 annual club meetings and club rallies in Skåne (Scania) the south region of Sweden.

The major annual event is the 500+km International rally Skåne Rundt for motorcycles manufacured before 1946. The rally normally gather about 140 rider and some 30 passengers on their machines.

Join the MCHK/SYD club…

As a member you will come in contact with those who knows a lot about older and historically interesting motorcycles.

All meetings and information are only in Swedish, though many of the members are well aquainted with the english language.


MCHK Syd är en lokalavdelning av Motorcykelhistoriska klubben, en rikstäckande ideell förening som bildades 1965 och har ca 4 000 medlemmar

Våra medlemmar arbetar med att bevara, renovera och hålla liv i gamla, originella eller unika motorcyklar. Vi bevarar deras kulturhistoria för att framhålla deras sociala, tekniska och ekonomiska betydelse i ett samhälle som vuxit fram i motorismens tidsålder. Vi håller ett rullande museum igång

Vi anordnar träffar och rallyn hela året om. Våra medlemmar hjälper de som har problem med renovering eller behöver information om sin motorcykel

Vi förvaltar kulturen, den med motorcyklar


                            Vi är kulturknuttarna